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Anti-Pollution Mask Wins Imagine Cup Asia Regional Final

February 13, 2019


A team from India has secured the top prize at the Imagine Cup Asia Regional Final with an automated anti-pollution and drug delivery mask. The mask uses Azure Machine Learning and was developed to improve the quality of life for sick patients living in polluted areas.

As the first place winners in the Asia Regional Final, Team Caeli will receive $15,000 USD and a spot in the Imagine Cup World Championship this May.

GIST partnered with Microsoft to provide training for the participating startups teams while they were in Sydney, Australia. The GIST Pitch Training provided industry experts who helped the teams understand how to better run their businesses. The training also worked with the entrepreneurs on how to perfect their pitches and the best way to present their startups to a panel of judges. During the training, students received one-on-one mentorship and plenty of time to practice their pitches.

Team Caeli was not the only innovative team to compete in the Asia Regional Final. Click on the button below to learn more about the other winning teams and the Imagine Cup.