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Artistic Inclinations: MENA Platform Lets You Buy And Sell Fine Art Online -

With annual art fairs like Art Dubai and Galleries Night, plus cultural districts such as Alserkal Avenue bringing in visitors to see regional and international artists and showings, there’s evidently a great interest in MENA artists and artwork. It’s an ideal time to start investing in hallmark works, but when we think of buying art, admit it, what comes to mind? Quiet hallways and elitist artsy types.

This is where Artscoops comes in, an online platform specializing in buying and selling art from MENA artists and commercial galleries. Being an online avenue, it can reach the niche of art buyers who are more comfortable browsing collections in the comfort of their homes sans the intimidating mise-en-scène of a gallery. When asked about establishing an online art space instead of having an offline presence, co-founder Raya Mamarbachi pointed how there’s already major galleries doing that effectively across the Middle East.

With online art platforms becoming more familiar internationally, there’s a need for a platform dedicated to MENA buyers too, adding that Middle Eastern buyers, “especially young buyers”, are busy and would likely take advantage of browsing online. With access to an online global market, lesser-known artists can have a wider reach, and first-time buyers can take the initial step in acquiring their first piece, which will be a step toward art-buying becoming a mass adopted cultural movement.