Bambuhay is a manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly and sustainable products from indigenous material Bamboo in partnership with the farmers living below the poverty line.  Is a social enterprise that is leading the way in sustainable business, creating inclusive and eco-friendly solutions to heal the planet from plastic pollution, deforestation and alleviate the effect of climate change.



Bambuhay will empower and educate the Indigenous People Farmers to become Agri-Preneurs by training and equipping with green methodology and technology to maximize their potential and the potential of the resources they work with a focus on Bamboo utilization. We will utilize the underutilized, most sustainable and fastest growing plant in the planet “Bamboo” we innovate into high value, eco-friendly, natural and organic, products. Bamboo Tea Leaf that will provide healthy ice cold tea. Poles for reusable Bamboo Drinking Straw in replacement of the single used plastic straw. Bamboo poles waste into Bamboo Charcoal,  the smoke to organic liquid insecticide and the ash by-product to organic fertilizer.   Our solution for the farmers, we rain and empower farmers to become Eco-Preneurs. Educate and equip with green methodology and technology. And, provide technical assistance in research and product development. Our current social impact; For the Farmers Sustainable Livelihood to 37 families of indigenous people women farmers and other farmers living, increased monthly income up to 300%. Employment opportunities to 15 farmers, increased monthly income up to 300%. Famers Out of Poverty: 52 Farmers Access to social benefits like health care, social security system, and insurance. Community building and training for the 25 Indigenous People former rebels in North Cotabato, 9 Farmers in Sulu and 15 Farmers in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija and other 10 poorest provinces in the Philippines.For the Environment Single-use Plastic Straws Eliminated: 65, 947,860 in twelve months. Single-use plastic eliminated: 30, 351tons CO2 Eliminated: 83,095lbs. Direct Consumers Reached: 366,727 Total Consumers Reached: 8,102,759  Increased the continuous sequestration of carbon dioxide of the Bamboo due to the cutting of the matured bamboos.