Cegtog is a wearable device (Smart Wrist Watch) that measures glucose concentration in the blood in a continuous and non-invasive manner which allows it to predict hyper/hypoglycemia using a smart algorithm which is based on AI. The wearable is connected to a mobile app for the caregiver or patients themselves that alarm them of the potential critical situation and provides with the history of the measurements. We will make use of the Internet of Things(IoT), where the device will be connected to a cognitive cloud that receives API requests upon measurements variation. Thus all data will be sent and analyzed in the cloud and it will be accessed through the mobile application.Moreover, the mobile app will document and file the patient's measurements and medical data and share them with his doctor. In this way, the doctor will be able to follow-up on the patient's medical status and give the suitable medication and advice. This is going to help diabetics lead a safe, pain-free, healthy, comfortable and normal life



Cegtog is an affordable non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring device that can accurately predict hyper/hypoglycemia events prior they occur.



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