Central Park Bees Limited

The company’s vision is to “improve the standard of living among poor rural communities which in turn boost income level of poor households and national economy.” This can be achieved through “promoting beekeeping in partnership with rural communities and willing development organizations and turn beekeeping into a commercial enterprise.”



CENTRAL PARK BEES LIMITED is a professional beekeeping company, which is working on development of beekeeping and honey industry in Tanzania. We specialize in conducting beekeeping practical trainings, manufacturing and supplying advanced beekeeping equipment, producing fresh raw honey and other bee related products. We aim at proving rural poor people an alternative economic activity to support their families and protecting their environment at the same time through beekeeping. The current objective of Central Park Bees Limited is to promote and supply modern beekeeping equipment, processing and packing machines, conduct beekeeping training among rural communities as inputs towards increasing honey productivity and associated bee products such as beeswax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly which are highly in quality and value and can successful compete in the local and international market.