Chicken 4all Ltd



Chicken 4all Ltd is a privately owned company formed in mid 2013 to respond to the recurrent problems of malnutrition and unemployment in Burundi. Chicken 4all Ltd is headquartered in Rukobe, Itaba commune in Gitega Province, at 100 miles away from Bujumbura. We am to marginalize the impact of the demographic pressure on the arable land. To enable this to happen, there are 5 permanent employees and teams of up to 50 people across Burundi pushing this common vision. All this requires Time, Investment, Hard Work, Safety, Plainness and Trust. In April 2016, we have been able to hire 150 fulltime employees during the earthwork activities. We want farm chicken, both broilers and layers that we will sell to hotels, supermarkets and cooperatives, and schools in Burundi. We provide our customers with a comprehensive logistic service to get their purchase to its destination in safety. We rely on a well-trained personnel with proven experience in the chicken breeding industry, and a modern equipment and machinery.