We estimate that Nigeria is a $500 Million tutoring market. We consider Lagos, FCT, Ogun and Rivers as the states with significant potential of hiring a lesson tutor, with about 55% of Nigeria’s tutoring market based in Lagos, seeing that there are over twenty million families in Lagos.

Data from Universal Basic Education in Nigeria shows that there are over 10 million Primary and High school students in Lagos, 500,000 in FCT, 800,000 in Rivers and 600,000 in Ogun States, which are our target market. If we assume that 20% of these students will be able to subscribe to our tutoring service, our direct addressable market is 2.3 million students. Our Total Addressable Market is $200 Million. From research speaking with teachers, 3 out of every 5 students who attend schools with an average of $3,000 annual tuition, either have a lesson teacher or have had in the past. The market is young, with lot of ground to conquer.

Current Milestones

  • Generated $6,200 revenue in the last six months with 25% retention rate
  • Served over 785 billable tutoring hours
  • Received positive feedback from students, parents and tutors
  • High profile clients who are subscribing to our service



DoLessons is a supplementary learning and tutoring marketplace that seeks to connect academically distressed students in Nigeria to verified expert tutors for after-school academic drills to help students get better in learning, build self-study skills, raise grades and accelerate excellent performance in their test scores through individualized lesson options that is customized based on students’ learning pace, style and predefined schedules.