Engineers International Community

Engineers International Community is an idea that was derived from the need of the engineering community, from an engineering student which had a great idea for a graduation project, but like most engineering students, didn’t have the necessary skills to turn it into a business, which made the idea, like many other, die before it saw the light.

EIC was born in 2016 out of the need to help engineers, whether they were students or graduates, to reach greater heights with their ideas, by gathering their knowledge and needs in an all-encompassing exclusive platform, and transforming their ideas into real projects that they themselves and the society can benefit from.


In EIC we were made may event to support both scientific and engineering communities, like:

1- Falling Walls Lab. Amman: innovation conference was made in Oct.2017 in Amman-Jordan to allow all innovator's to pitch their ideas/project in the front of investors/ judges/ media and get the needed invesment to turn this idea into a real project. There was more than 150 person attend this conference, and the winner went to Berlin- Germany to pitch his idea in the international conference there.

2- Design For engineering: an expo design located in Amman- Jordan in Jan.2018 to introduce the engineering concept by a design and to broadcast the real meaning to be an engineer. It was a great competetion as we have more than 100 engineers and designers.

3- Arabic's Engineering content creation: an event was started in the begining od 2018 to  increase the engineering and scientific content on the internet and make this content more accessable; and there was more than 1000 engineer and researcher and students have the benifit from such this content. 



“Engineers International Community” EIC, Targets and provides online and offline solutions Exclusively for engineers, solutions such as professional engineering content, both written and visual.



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