F-innovate is a startup that solves challenges of the customers and companies on their everyday activities having in mind:

  • simplicity,

  • rich user experience,

  • customer centricity and

  • data privacy.


Digitalization is a millennium hype for the past few years, but still there is no clear roadmap or framework to follow in order to reach this goal. For small companies, digitization process is cost burden that they can not afford, while for the big companies is a complex process that the companies are not eager to take.


DO (by F-innovate) is a platform that solves the problem of digitalization for companies of any size, while for customers offers full control over their personal data.

DO is your personal data wallet that is designed as turn-key solution for scenarios:

  • Digital Customer On-boarding

  • Loyalty Schemes

  • Personal Data updates

  • Consent Management that is requirement by regulations like GDPR

  • Single Sign-On for public networks and web sites



F-innovate - innovation in a blink!



Fintech / Financial Services