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Fostering Science and Technology Startup Investments in Egypt

October 05, 2018


Historically, Egypt has been at the crossroads of cultures, trade, and innovation. This unique status has continued into the digital age, with young innovators and entrepreneurs creating new technologies and leveraging innovations to build leading startups. Egyptian investors are taking note and to date in 2018 funding of science and technology startups has grown by 21.4%, compared to all of 2017.

Recognizing this trend and its positive effect in promoting economic security and stability, the U.S. Department of State Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative, along with implementation partner VentureWell and local partner Alexandria Angels, is providing holistic support for the Egyptian startup ecosystem by launching a GIST Investors Mobilization Training Program (GIST Investors).

The program kicks off on November 7 in Alexandria, Egypt and will bring leading global investors to train Egyptian investors on the fundamentals of angel investing, conducting due diligence, managing portfolios, and negotiating term sheets and valuations. This program will equip Egyptian investors with a sound knowledge base so they can continue to support the thriving Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This GIST Investors program will include a unique opportunity to engage with young science and technology entrepreneurs from across Egypt who will be attending a four-day GIST Startup Training program, also in Alexandria, that will provide the teams with skills and tools to further their ventures. That program culminates in a Demo Day where participants in the GIST Investors program will have the opportunity to hear their pitches and meet the teams.

If you represent a formal investor network, venture capital firm or investment fund, and are interested in participating in the GIST Investors program in Egypt, contact Eli Velasquez.


Photo Credit: Xiquinho Silva | Flickr