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GIST Tech-I is not just about recognizing the amazing entrepreneurs who apply, but also about fostering regional entrepreneurship ecosystems and enabling global partnerships. GIST Tech-I volunteers, who serve in the roles described below, are indispensable to achieving these goals.

Regional Advocates

We rely on networks across the world to ensure that as many eligible entrepreneurs as possible hear about the opportunity to apply to GIST Tech-I. If you’re interested in encouraging young S&T entrepreneurs to share their amazing ideas with the world by applying to GIST Tech-I, pleasecontact [email protected].

Application Reviewers

During the annual review phase, more than 100 innovation, scientific, business, and regional experts volunteer to evaluate the scientific merit and business potential of each application.

GIST Tech-I reviewers come from a range of backgrounds and include regional experts, scientific and technical experts, and innovation and entrepreneurship experts. If you are interested in serving as a GIST Tech-I reviewer, please contact [email protected].

Mentors at GIST Tech-I Finals

Each year, up to thirty applicants advance to receive two days of intensive training and pitch their ideas at a live finals. Approximately ten mentors are recruited to accompany the finalists. There, they assist with training, share their industry-specific experience, offer personalized advice, and help the entrepreneurs make the most of the networking opportunities GES affords.

Mentorship at GIST Tech-I finalists is rewarding for both the finalists and the mentors, and many professional and personal relationships forged at past GIST Tech-I finals are continuing today. If you are interested in serving as GIST Tech-I Mentor, please contact [email protected].

Here at GIST Tech-I, we are always looking for more opportunities to involve individuals and organizations around the world. If you’re interested in spreading the word about GIST Tech-I, volunteering to be a reviewer or mentor, or you would like to be involved in some capacity, please feel free to email us at [email protected]!