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GIST In-Country Activities

GIST Startup Startup Trainingss empower young science and technology innovators and entrepreneurs through on-the-ground training and mentoring delivered by top U.S. mentors and in-country partners. Training and mentorship combined with exposure to American businesses and access to capital encourage entrepreneurs to confidently apply their skills to creating science and technology ventures.

GIST Startup Trainingss impact: Since 2011, GIST Startup Trainingss have trained 975 entrepreneurs from 26 countries, including more than 260 young women. As a result of GIST support, many participants have moved their ventures forward. At least two GIST Startup Startup Trainings winners have exited their startups and others have incubated at Google’s startup accelerator in Silicon Valley and 1871’s entrepreneurial hub in Chicago.

GIST broadens perspectives: Gibs Song, Principal at Mane-Aquila Consulting, told West African entrepreneurs, "I am amazed at the ideas coming from here. I'm going to tell everyone back home what’s happening in Africa!" And, Kari Hanson, Startup Technology Advisor in Silicon Valley, announced at the Indonesia Startup Trainings, "I was so impressed with the innovative ideas!"



Ho Chi Minh City, September 2016

1st: Higi Energy
2nd: SportHub
Spirit of GIST Award: Glampy



Peru, August 2016
1st: Sinba
2nd: Mamas del Rio
Spirit of GIST Award: PATS



Senegal, April 2016
1st: Tuniar
2nd: Souclou Online
Spirit of GIST Award: Starlight



South Africa, April 2016
1st: EcoAct Tanzania
2nd: Pad Heaven
Spirit of GIST Award: Green Malasha



Tunisia, January 2016
1st: Omnia
2nd: EasyTroc
Spirit of GIST Award: LYCO



Bogotá, Colombia, October 2015
1st: BioSurfactants
Spirit of GIST Award: EnMochila
Outstanding Female Entrepreneur: Andrea Carolina Buitrago (EnMochila)



Medellín, Colombia, October 2015
1st: OMI Recirculating Shower
2nd: L'Organique
Spirit of GIST Award: Pymes Control
Outstanding Female Entrepreneur: Carolina Hernandez (WHAM)



Mexico City, June 2015
2nd: Virtual Hospital Mexico



Istanbul, February 2015
1st: RobArch
Most interviews: N2Z



Colombia, December 2014
Morocco, October 2014
1st: DabaDoc
2nd: Chifco
3rd: Together We Make Power



Bangladesh, May 2014
2nd: Panacea
3rd: CityScope



Indonesia, April 2014
1st: DreamBender
2nd: eFishery
3rd: Growbox



Jordan, December 2013
1st: Aqar-Estate
2nd: MadFoo3at
3rd: Dardasa
Honorable Mentions: Little Thinking Minds and



East Africa, May 2013
1st: Safari Yetu
2nd: AIM Vault
3rd: iProcure
Best Female Entrepreneur: Kate Kiguru, Akida



Algeria, July 2012
1st: SmellNet
2nd: iPadian
3rd: Lyes Belhocine



West Africa, July 2012
1st: Amarante
2nd: Mlouma
3rd: eeZydeel



Malaysia, April 2012
1st: PiktoChart
2nd: OctoApp
3rd: SecQme
Honorable Mentions: Voucheres; special prize to Melvin Wong, FanXT



Indonesia, April 2012
1st: T-Files
2nd: Budi Mixed Farming
3rd: PT Dyna Energy
Honorable Mention: Dwarapala



Turkey, March 2012
1st: Sutech
Honorable Mention: Gonnasphere
Program, Mentors, and Participants not Available




Maghreb, January 2012
Although pitching took place, no competition was in place. The purpose was to give feedback.





The Global Innovation through Science & Technology (GIST) initiative operates at the intersection of science & technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to empower individual innovators and to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems. GIST equips young men and women with the skills they need to be successful entrepreneurs and leaders who turn their ideas into new ventures that transform their communities.