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GIST Fosters Startups Through Innovation Hubs

January 09, 2018

The Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative is excited to announce the continuation of the GIST Innovation Hubs in 2018. Innovation Hubs, or I-Hubs, are designed to build strong and vibrant networks of young science and technology entrepreneurs around the world.

The U.S. Department of State has recognized seven I-Hubs that will run until August 2018. The hubs are created in partnership with local startup incubators and are located in Jordan, Lebanon, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Peru and Macedonia. For the participating incubators, I-Hub offers another avenue to support their entrepreneurs.

“[I-Hub is] an opportunity to join a global network that would provide direct access to new knowledge, new thinking as a way to challenge our own approaches and practices,” said I-Hub partner Innovation Village, in Uganda.
Through community-led groups, the I-Hubs aim to bolster networking and entrepreneurial skills to build durable, long-term, supportive networks. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to stimulate local entrepreneurial activity and ensure participants can grow their skills and scale their businesses together – both in their home country and through the GIST Network’s global connections.

The I-Hub initiative is implemented by GIST partner VentureWell. You can learn more about the I-Hubs and what they are doing by clicking here.


Photo Credit: The Innovation Village