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GIST I-Hub: Beirut – Berytech

June 18, 2018

Launched in 2002, Berytech provides a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups. Through its programs at three locations around Lebanon, Berytech fosters innovation, new technology and entrepreneurship. As a GIST Innovation Hub, Berytech will use GIST and its global network to further develop the skills of its entrepreneurs and bring them closer to a global marketplace.


At a Glance:

I-Hub: Berytech


Location: Three locations in Lebanon: Mar Roukoz, Mathaf and the Beirut Digital District in Bechara el Khoury. A fourth location will open in 2019.

Startups: 80 startups in incubation, 300+ startups incubated in total

Sectors: Technology, Global and Economic Development


A Closer Look at Berytech:

Lack of funds for seed stage startups, political instability, an underdeveloped infrastructure, lack of access to international markets – the list of challenges to launching a startup in Lebanon is a long one, according to Ms. Tala Saleh, events and outreach coordinator at Berytech. Fortunately, entrepreneurs in Lebanon have innovation parks like Berytech.

Launched in 2002, Berytech has worked to expand the services and opportunities available to entrepreneurs in the Lebanese startup ecosystem. Through three innovation parks in and around Beirut, Berytech offers trainings, workshops, investment opportunities and even access to new markets. Through its work over the last 16 years, Tala said Berytech has helped more than 300 startups in the region, granted more than $600,000 to new ventures and has invested more than $70 million in Lebanese tech companies.

Now Berytech is looking beyond Lebanon, seeking out new markets and knowledge sources to continue developing the local startup ecosystem. Tala said that is why Berytech joined the GIST Network as an Innovation Hub – to open the door for new opportunities that will help support its local community and create long term support networks around the globe.

“We want to help our community acquire knowledge and know-how from global experts, not only local ones,” said Tala. “We want to get the world one step closer to our startups and youth innovators, and help them learn and experience what they think is far from their reach.”

As a GIST I-Hub, Berytech will position itself as the connection point between Lebanese entrepreneurs and startup resources around the world. Berytech will use the GIST Network not only to help support its entrepreneurs, but empower them to create innovative startups that tackle many of the economic and development challenges still facing Lebanon.


Berytech Updates:

Berytech Launches new Agri-Food Program with Netherlands

With funding from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Berytech launched a new program called Agrytech. The new program will create and cultivate innovative startups that turn agriculture and food, or agri-food, challenges into new business opportunities. At the foundation of the new program are three pills: Accelerator (advancing ideas into a successful business), Cluster (empowering a smart agri-food community) and Resources (sharing business and industry knowledge).


New Program Gathers Change Makers to Focus on Innovation and Economic Development

In November, Berytech started a new international program known as The Next Society – Innovators Shaping the Future. The program removes the barriers that keep young founders from creating innovative and concrete solutions to economic development. Part of this program includes the Big Booster competition in Lyon. Three startups nominated to compete by Berytech won during the competition, and are now working with Big Booster partners to get personalized training and coaching.


FabLab Opens in Lebanon

Known as the first digital fabrication lab in Lebanon, FabLab allows anyone to turn their ideas into working prototypes and products. FabLab is an open platform that helps everyone from students to serial entrepreneurs access digital technologies and resources that help them create and test their ideas.


Photo Credit: Facebook | Berytech