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GIST Incubation Program Helping Startups Connect to U.S. Market

April 08, 2019


The GIST Initiative is excited to announce a first of its kind program for young entrepreneurs in emerging economies. The GIST Business Incubation program, launching Fall 2019, will bring teams of entrepreneurs to the United States to study with incubators across in several American cities.

The program will provide entrepreneurs with exposure to the U.S. market and startup ecosystem. It will also allow incubators based in the U.S. to expand their network of entrepreneurs into international ecosystems.

While in residence with the program, participants will work on refining their ideas, building their business plans, and finding the right market for their products. Participating entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to network within the startup ecosystem where they are placed.

GIST Business Incubation is an exciting opportunity for young science and technology founders to discover new markets inside the United States. Typically a highly competitive startup ecosystem, this program creates an access point for entrepreneurs to engage with American customers, companies, investors, and peers. In doing so, it also provides American networks with the an opportunity to make new, international connections to entrepreneurs abroad.

Applications for the 2019 program are open now, and young entrepreneurs with a startup idea that could excel in the United States are highly encourage to apply. To learn more about the program, you can click here or on the banner below.