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GIST Investors Colombia Completes Year-Long Investor Training

November 06, 2018


The GIST Investors Training Program in Colombia, known as GIST Investors Colombia, has completed its year-long training for angel investors in the country.

The final GIST Investors training was held during Colombia’s Heroes Fest in the state of Cali, which included more than 6,000 attendees. Heroes Fest is an annual celebration that includes a Demo Day for top impact startups in Colombia, roundtable discussions on entrepreneurship and panel discussions on funding for entrepreneurs.

Over the last year, GIST Investors Colombia focused on providing the necessary training angel investors need in order to invest in and support an emerging science and technology startup ecosystem. Investors learned how to seek out potential investments, portfolio management and exit planning.

Colombia’s investor training also focused on the ways in which Colombia investors can work on fostering global connections. Specifically, connections that can help Colombian entrepreneurs thrive in a global market place.

“This type of event is extremely important for our ecosystem because, among other things, it supports networking, provides greater grassroots support and provides knowledge about state -of-the-art investments around the world,” said Juan Jaramillo, director of the Health Care Business Development Center of Medellin.

“As the first country to kick-off the GIST Investors program, we saw firsthand the impact that training investors can have on strengthening the funding sources for science-based ventures,” said Eli Velasquez, director of venture development at VentureWell and instructor for GIST Investors Colombia.

Participating investors received a certificate of completion for finishing GIST Investors Colombia. Although the program is over, these investors are expected to continue working with other angel investors in the ecosystem – teaching them what they know and helping foster more science and tech startups.

GIST Investors Colombia was conducted in partnership with Ruta N, a local incubator and driving force for innovation in Medellin. You can learn more about the GIST Investors program in Colombia by clicking here.