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GIST Investors Indonesia Training Focuses on Funding Women Founders

April 11, 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia is a hub for innovation in Southeast Asia. And while there is a need for knowledge to help these founders create successful startups, there is an even bigger need for financial capital – this is particularly true for women founders in the ecosystem. As part of its first investor training program in Indonesia, GIST addressed this very issue.

GIST Investors Indonesia held its first investor training in Jakarta on April 6. Through its partnership with the Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN), GIST Investors brought together almost 40 investors, entrepreneurs and startup assistance organizations to learn more about early stage science and technology investment. The training included hands-on case studies and facilitated discussions.

Moreover, the training included a significant portion on gender lens investing – a concept that focuses on the best way to overcome gender inequality in the distribution of investor monies to startups. Speakers from Indonesia, China and the United States discussed the ways in which investors can play an active role in closing the investment gender gap – whether it’s by investing in more women founders, empowering more women investors or supporting startups that address gender-specific issues.

"The joint angel investor training hosted by GIST and ANGIN was a comprehensive and thorough event. It was great to hear insights from both Indonesian startup ecosystem players and our American counterparts," said Meredith Peng, senior consultant at ANGIN. "We hope that more support and collaboration between our two ecosystems is forthcoming, especially as we witness a boom in growth within the Indonesian startup ecosystem and subsequent interest in angel investment here."

GIST Investors Indonesia is the latest addition to the investor training program created by the GIST Initiative, the U.S. Department of States flagship science and technology entrepreneurship program. GIST Investors is focused on building or supporting in-country investor networks in partnership with local accelerators, incubators or startups support organizations. The one-year program offers investor training and support, with the long term goal of creating a sustainable source of capital for entrepreneurs.

GIST Investors Indonesia will be conducted in partnership with ANGIN, the largest angel investor group in Indonesia that supports early stage startups. By pooling resources, ANGIN helps investors engage with young startups that need investment and mentorship.

To learn more about the GIST Investors: Indonesia program, click here.