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GIST Investors Inspiring Angel Investors in the Mexican Startup Ecosystem

September 28, 2018


Becoming an angel investor takes more than capital and a determination to support entrepreneurs. It also takes a level of training – which is exactly what several new angel investors received at the GIST Investors Mexico training this week.

Mexico City is becoming a center for entrepreneurship innovation, activity and investment in Latin America. In fact, according to the Financial Times, the number of venture capitals firms grew from just eight in 2008 to more than 60 in 2016. The increase is likely do to a combination of talent, support and capital – which makes Mexico City an attractive place for innovative entrepreneurs to start their business.

But in order for innovation to thrive, there also needs to be a well-funded investment network. Which is why it is important angel investors learn how to create, sustain and grow as investors.

The GIST Investors training in Mexico City did just that, bring together investors and industry leaders, such as Juliana Garaizar from the Angel Capital Association, Hernán Fernández from Angel Ventures and John Farrell from DILA Capital.

"The panel and the exercise were insightful in seeing the entrepreneurs perspective as they approach and receive investment," said Maria Puch from NV Group. "The opportunity to connect with active angel investors and LP's from across Mexico was also invaluable."

Throughout the day-long training, investors learned how to develop an investment strategy, proper deal sourcing, the Due Diligence Process and even how to harness the power of blockchain for investments.

The training also included exercises and discussions, which helped participants better understand how to use the concepts and principals they learned.

The GIST Investors program in Mexico will continue over the next year, offering more training and networking opportunities for Mexican investors. The goal at the end of the program is to create a pool of new angel investors who can help sustain a thriving investor network in Mexico.

GIST Investors Mexico is made possible through a partnership with Angel Ventures Mexico , a local firm that has achieved more than $14 million USD in investments since 2008.

You can learn more about GIST Investors Mexico by following this link.