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GIST Tech-I Winner Becomes Youngest Recipient of Lebanese Taif Award

March 19, 2019


Following his first place win at the 2018 GIST Tech-I pitch competition, Wassim El Hariri returned to Lebanon where he was formally recognized for his work in entrepreneurship. Wassim received the “Taif” award, which is a trophy and pin. He is the youngest recipient of the award.

The “Taif” is the highest recognition from the Lebanese government, and is given in appreciation and to honor the work of the recipient. Past recipients have included foreign dignitaries, government leaders, and policy makers who have made profound and meaningful contributions.

“I truly believe that if decision makers believe in the power of youth, it will lead the society to great improvements and developments because youth are the future of their countries,” said Wassim. “This award gave me a huge responsibility to continue what I have started and gave me the trust that decision makers do believe in the change that we do.”

Wassim was recognized with the Taif after his return from the GIST Tech-I pitch competition in April 2018. Bahia Hariri, former education minister of Lebanon and sister of the former prime minister Rafic El Hariri, presented Wassim with the Taif.

Wassim won first place at the GIST Tech-I pitch competition with his startup SASHA. SASHA has developed a fully autonomous robot that delivers meals in hospital, reducing mistakes that can put some patients with certain food issues at risk.


To learn more about Wassim and his win, you can follow this link.