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GIST TechConnect: Your Startup Priorities

The Five Most Important Steps for Your Venture

Duration 44:19

Establishing a startup isn’t easy. There are many steps entrepreneurs need to take when turning their idea into a real venture. But how do you know what to do first? What should you prioritize while in the beginning stages of building your startup? Our expert panelists offer advice based on what they have found to be the most important initial steps when starting a venture. Hear them answer viewers' questions live, and learn which areas to focus on to make your venture a success!


  • AnnaMaria Konya, Founder and CEO of Equita Accelerator, and a Mentor-In-Residence at George Washington University.
  • Jim Chung, Associate Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the George Washington University.
  • Keeth Smart, Co-founder and COO of PHYSICLO, a fitness technology company based in New York City.


  • Heath Naquin, Director of I-Corps Programs at Venturewell.

GIST TechConnects link global science and technology entrepreneurs to U.S. experts through sessions at the Department of State's Interactive Studio. TechConnects have reached tens of thousands of viewers worldwide and prove that innovation and entrepreneurship know no boundaries in today’s global marketplace.

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