Any company wishing to internationalize must start by considering whether it is feasible for their organization, as it stands now, to embark on this process.

At this stage we work together with the client seeking to reach the following milestones:

  • Assessment of the exporting potential
  • Definition of internal constraints
  • Initial market selection
  • Customization of materials for the chosen market: brochures, presentations, website, etc.
  • Decision of when and how to enter the new market
  • Market feasibility based on a study of real opportunities and competitors in the segment
  • Risk assessment
  • Preparation of trade missions


Local professional services

One of the stages of internationalization has to do with the company's establishment and growth in the selected market or country. At this point it is necessary to hire on-site staff.

Selecting candidates remotely, without references or experience in the relevant market is a difficult task in which most of us have eventually made costly mistakes.

Our offering aims to minimize these errors, reducing times and costs. We’ll help you find and select:

  • Partners
  • Administrative, technical or sales staff



In this globalized world, we all need to get to know people and relate with each other more closely. Our mission is to unite partners in a world full of opportunities.

What we are looking for can always be found, we only need to know how to find it. That is why we offer a network of contacts in each country of the region to enable the promotion of products, services and business opportunities across our entire network.

  • Network of local contacts, which are showcased for the world.
  • GlobalizeU Members' Network, which will promote your product and service offerings, to help you find the right partner.



Our background - In the past 20 years we have participated in the creation and development of several international companies, some of which have undergone mergers or acquisitions. The internationalization process involves different stages and we intend to follow that evolution together with each client. Our focus - At GlobalizeU we are focused on LAC companies that want to expand from their country into the region and on companies from outside the region that want to enter the LAC market.