Hotel Race


Boost 45 % your direct booking sales from your website with Hotel Race that is our online hotel system

Hotel Race is the best system to book direct, that gives you opportunities to save and gain money by activating different widgets. We ensure you to be independent in hotel business without OTA’s support.

Our product indicates you all types of room, not only one room’s sort. Hotel Race’s another benefit is to display you direct booking in every section of your website, even when you search rooms.

Cost comparison

Check available costs of your hotel website opposite prices of different reservation places. Indicate your customers that direct reservation gives the most secured rate and extra advantages.

USP comparison

Indicate different reasons why reservation straight on the website is the finest, by comparing your website with alternative reservations. Be clear and reliable with your clients to raise your transformation percentage.

Abandoned reservation

If your customers began a reservation and they didn't complete it, you should remind them. Therefore dispatch email to clients and deliver them the chance to simply direct reservation!

Smart Notifications

Indicate the identical notifications utilized by the biggest OTA's to enhance the necessity for direct reserve on your website. Dispatch an appropriate notification based on actual knowledge and your customer's manners.

Exit Message

Persuade your abandoned customers with a final convincing message. The message will seem when customers try to out of your website by moving their mouse to the browser tab. The tool is utilized perfectly in the reservation motor and a huge number of content choices are suitable.



Multiple Benefits of competitors' hotel tracking

By tracking competitors price and details, you can analyze the actual situation and control it. On the other hand, you can prepare multiple types of reports to manage your hotel strategy.

Follow annual price of competitors

Follow the annual prices of your rivals to manage hotel business in selling channels and various websites, because this key feature provides you to create a business structure. By this way, you can improve your hotel opportunities and gain more revenue.

Be Aware of price changes

Hotel Race ensures you notifications about a difference of prices between your hotel and other hotel websites. For instance, when your competitors made changes in cost, you immediately know it owing to the online hotel system.

Decrease wage

According to price strategy, when you see that your rivals diminish their price, you also should decrease your wage. The reason is that customer explore and select cheaper one. In that case, if you don't reduce your pay, you will lose your customers and give your revenue yo other hotels.

Increase charge

Our online system informs you when your competitors increase wage. With that info, you can set your price plan and rise surely your charge, because you are an only option for customers, so they will absolutely choose you despite the price.

Sum of room sale

You can see sum sale of other hotels owing to our hotel online management system, and prepare annual reports about them. The reports can be linked to selling amount, price's difference, sum's distinction, reasons for sum difference etc.



With strong qualities, Hotel Race FrontDesk hotel PMS, streamlines for you to handle your active procedures while developing your general customer services. Intended and improved under the lead of hospitality specialists, the hotel administration system can ensure the strictest ready necessity whatever that sort of possession you supervise. Time is the base in the sector, and a perfect property administration system preserves your time and supports you fulfill the procedures effectively and boost productivity.



Simple, fast and exact online dispensation service

Hotel Race - channel administration software will automatize the online rate administration and your hotel's online stock dispensation with actual updates on more than 100 linked OTAs and worldwide dispensation tract.



Strong, Resilient and Simple to Utilize Online Reservation Engine

Our hotel reservation engine proposes your customers a fast and without problems booking experience demanding the fewest tries while utilizing their computer, tablets or mobile phones. Create greater incomes by permitting your customers to work particular proposals, promo codes and capacity to perform group reservation.









Hotel Race establishes a practical management that gives hotels independent condition on OTAs and more check over income, customer service, productivity, and details. By this method, hotel customers will get more confidence when they do reservation on your system. We provide you with assistance that enhances the case of hotels and streamlines management of your own hotel. Our platform allows you showing hospitality at the highest level with establishing beneficial and fast technology.



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