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How to Maintain an Investor's Trust After a Failure

November 28, 2016


In our recent TechConnect, Failing Forward: Using Setbacks to Drive Success, panelist Jo Ann Corkran, Partner of Golden Seeds LLC and Golden Seeds Fund 2, offered an investor's perspective on how to maintain a funder's confidence after a failure. 


Watch the Excerpt


What's a Good Failure? 

There are two components of a good failure:

  • Investors know that you are facing challenges. Key takeaway: Don't keep secrets. Communicate the good and bad news with your investors regularly. They may have valuable input and guidance to offer. 
  • You make concerted efforts to fix the problem. Key takeaway: Investors appreciate when you try to address the issue. Share your progress. Show how you learned from your mistakes. It may help to document your development journey. Note what worked and what didn't.


Watch the Full Recording

Did you miss the live broadcast of Failing Forward? Watch the complete recording in English, Spanish or French below:








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