How to Write a Business Essay


Writing business essays include many types of essays including marketing, management, finance and other business topics that require fine planning and a piece of work that is well structured to impress the readers. Insightful and compelling business essays are the demand of business and education world today; the most important quality in a well-crafted business essay is that it logically presents the arguments and ideas and the relevant content is presented with supporting references. Other critical factors include layout, presentation and use of appropriate language.

Let us explore what the pre-requisites of writing a great business essay are. 
Analyze the Essay Question

Before writing a business essay, figure out exactly what the essay question is all about? What are the issues you need to address and what is the case scenario? Workout the precise wording that you need to use in the business essay during writing phase; the keywords that are a part of a business essay are interpreted, review, describe, explain, criticize, argue and examine. 

Sometimes the requirements ask you to choose a topic of your own choice and create the compelling essay on that topic. That makes the whole writing process more compelling and enjoyable. 

Research the Relevant Material

Using the academic sources that are credible is what business writing is all about. Whether you are using the libraries, online journals or internet website to research your related topics, reputable articles and case studies can help to make a business essay more successful.

There are various journals like journal or marketing, scholarly articles on Google Scholar and academic websites dedicated to providing the relevant material for research. You can read surveys and broaden the scope of your topic to apply the sources that are directly applicable to your essay.
Make an Outline First

You can organize your main arguments by constructing an outline plan for your business essay. Jot down the most important points when you start writing an essay; make a sequence and create transitions between the paragraphs. Always make a clear outline that highlights all the headings included in the essay and conclusion. 

Writing your business essay becomes fun this way, and it sparks off the ideas and helps you digest the information you have gathered.

Parts of a Business Essay

According to the above structure of your outline plan, a the-rest draft of your essay needs to be crafted by using a clear and precise language. Avoid the jargon in a business essay so that it does not sound like a marketing report written by a journalist or stinger. The following parts are recommended to be included into a business essay.

• Introduction

• Background or History

• Findings and Key Facts

• Conclusion 

• Bibliography or Reference List

• Appendices

Let us explain these elements briefly. The introduction includes outlining the essay question or thesis statement and providing the scope of your essay or what it is about? It may include a theory or an event to explain in your main body. 

The background provides some ground theory on the essay or history about it. The findings relate to the main body and the information that you have researched. The details are included here to discuss the argument of a topic in detail; exploring the conflicts and approaches is a part of findings that link the ideas together to create a cohesive essay. 

Conclusions are drawn based on the above discussion that provides a statement of the findings and future of you is your selected topic. The conclusion does not include any new information; it is only talking about the implications of the research done above.

Without a Reference List, an essay is not a valid document. Various methods are used for referencing including APA, MLA, Harvard Referencing and AMA to name a few. References must appear in alphabetical order. 

Appendices section includes any supporting material or helpful graphics like charts, graphs, written text and any other material that is too large to be included in the main body of the essay. 

Editing and Proof Reading

Congratulations, you have finally planned, organized and written your business essay according to the two directions of the professor. Now is the time to take a deep look into what you have put down in the form of words and proofread it carefully to eliminate the spellings, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and styling errors. 

Moreover, reread the entire essay to figure out if you have answered all the questions logically and is the content relative or accurate. Make sure to support your points with example and submit the final draft with confidence. 

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Crafting and writing a business essay includes planning, outlining, writing and proofreading skills that are important for every student.