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Innovate Egypt Empowers Entrepreneurs to Create New Ventures

July 11, 2017

Egyptian innovators in science and technology will have the opportunity to bring their ideas out of the lab and into the market through Innovate Egypt. The eight-week program gives early-stage entrepreneurs the training, mentoring and resources needed to create new ventures and commercial inventions.

Modeled after the Lean Startup methodology, Innovate Egypt provides an intensive customer discovery process. It is a process that helps young entrepreneurs identify and evaluate opportunities, and make informed decisions that will drive ideas forward.

The program is focused on graduate students, faculty and researchers in science and engineering in Egypt. Designed for three-person teams located in Egypt, participants will receive in-person and online training, talk with customers and engage industries, and share their experiences with other entrepreneurs engaged in similar work.

Teams should be comprised of a technical lead, entrepreneurial lead and business mentor. To learn more and apply for Innovate Egypt, click here.

Innovate Egypt is funded through the U.S. Egypt Science and Technology Joint Fund, established under an agreement between the government of the United States and the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The fund is aimed at strengthening scientific and technological capabilities between both countries.

Photo Credit: Flickr | Maher Najm