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Investors Looking Globally to Support Colombian Startup Ecosystem

May 02, 2018

GIST Investors returned to Colombia for its second masterclass in a year-long series to support investors in the Colombian startup ecosystem. The theme of the second masterclass focused on strengthening venture capital funds, connecting them to angel groups and creating a robust funding pipeline for startups. The focus of the training taps into a larger trend in the Colombian startup ecosystem that is seeking to connect local startups and investors to the rest of the world.

The masterclass included training and discussion for investors on how to provide financial support to science and technology entrepreneurs. Specifically, trainers from both the United States and Colombia worked with investors on elevating the role of venture capitalists in Colombia. Investors also talked with trainers about the ways they can create more global connections for the Colombian ecosystem, which they hope will create more funding opportunities for startups.

“This type of event is extremely important for our ecosystem because, among other things, it supports networking, provides greater grassroots support and provides knowledge about state-of-the art investment around the world,” said Juan Jaramillo, director of the Healthcare Business Development Center of Medellin.

“I think it’s really important for us, as an association, to know how the ecosystem works, how can we represent all the entrepreneurs and all the persons that would love to work on their projects,” said Alejandra Mejia from the Colombian Association of Private Equity Funds.

In keeping with the year-long theme of the GIST Investors program, trainers in the masterclass focused on expanding concepts introduced during the first masterclass in November 2017. Topics included portfolio planning, fundraising with limited resources and exit planning. Trainers also focused on the local resources available to investors that can help them strengthen the ecosystem – with a goal of creating a sustainable investor network for science and tech startups.

GIST Investors Colombia is conducted in partnership with Ruta N, a local incubator and driving force for innovation in Medellin. You can learn more about the GIST Investors program in Colombia by clicking here.