Nazava Water Filters

Nazava ‘s vision is that everyone has the right to safe, affordable drinking water. Therefore, we develop, produce and market the best affordable and most energy efficient household water filters on the Indonesian market.

Nazava water filters enable urban and rural households and schools to purify their well, tap or rain water at the point of use without the need to boil, use electricity or buy water in plastic bottles. Using gravity and a ceramic filter candle, dirty water becomes safe to drink.  Under the Gold Standard it has been verified that each Nazava Water Filter reduces an average of 0.27 tCO2e per filter per year. See: To date, we have reduced 29,000 ton Co2 emissions by replacing the need to boil water.

With upfront costs of just US$ 28 and a filtration capacity of 7,000 liters the purified water is 3x cheaper than boiling and 8x cheaper than buying bottled water. So besides improving health and reducing CO2 emissions, we also enable households to save over US$ 100/year. By providing drinking water at the point of use the need for buying water in plastic pet bottles is replaced.

Where mobile phones leapfrogged the need for telephone landlines, Nazava replaces the need for expensive centralized purification; empowering households with a free-flow of safe drinking water, at lower financial and energy costs than the alternatives for getting drinking water.

Nazava has the potential to reach the 4.4 billion people worldwide that have water that is either untreated or unimproved (

We designed the Nazava filter system with Delft University of Technology (NL), using a Human Centred Design approach with the local communities in Indonesia. The result is a highly aspirational product that appeals to the target market.  Nazava Water Filters consist of 2 durable, food-grade plastic (PP) containers of 16 litres. The upper container contains the dirty water and the ceramic filter-candle; the lower container safely stores the purified water and has a tap. Storage of 16 liters is enough to supply at least five people/day with safe water. The property rights for this design have been registered at the ministry of law in Indonesia.

Gravity pushes dirty water through the filter-candle (2 litres/hr), which has the following features:

  • Pore size of 0.4 micron to block harmful bacteria;
  • Impregnated with colloidal silver to kill bacteria;
  • Filled with activated carbon to reduce the chemical content of the water and improve taste and odour;
  • Removes 99.99% of bacteria, tested by WHO.
  • Lasts for up to 7000 litres or 3 years (depending on water quality);
  • Tested in over 30 labs worldwide (see;
  • The purified water complies to the Indonesian standard for drinking water;
  • The soda-can sized filter only costs US$ 7 and is easily replaced;
  • Each package comes with a brush to open the pores of the filter-candle in case it gets clogged with particles; 
  • Comes with an indicator that shows when the filter needs to be replaced; 
  • One-year warranty; 
  • Unique serial number for tracking and tracing. 



Nazava enables the 4.4 billion people that do not have access to treated water at their home to purify their water, thereby empowering households with a free-flow of safe drinking water and replacing the need for boiling water on wood or LPG.



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