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OpenSAP Works to Foster Innovation Through Online Classes

June 27, 2017

OpenSAP, an online training platform from SAP software solutions, is helping develop business experts in the digital world that not only improve and advance things, but empower people to “create the Internet of good things to help improve the world around us.”

OpenSAP courses are free and open to everyone from students to professionals. The online programs range from how to develop software using design thinking, to getting started with data science.

Entrepreneurs in science and technology may also find the openSAP course, Touch IOT with SAP Leonardo, helpful to discover how the Internet of Things (IoT) works. SAP Leonardo is a brand new portfolio that focuses on the rapidly evolving digital world of connectivity and sensing things. The course includes brand new content following “Imagine IoT” in 2016, sharing the latest breakthroughs in IoT and covering drones, autonomous cars and blockchains.

As part of the course, people will have a chance to participate in a prototype challenge. The challenge allows participants to submit their own IoT prototypes, get feedback on their projects and vote for their favorite prototype. The top five winners will receive a variety of IoT gadgets. The top 200 winners will vote to decide how SAP funds entrepreneurs in the developing world through the non-profit, Kiva, an organization that connects people through lending to foster economic growth and alleviate poverty.

The seven-week online course will also provide discussion forums for peer groups and industry experts, that cover everything from understanding the Internet of Things to creating an IoT prototype. No coding skills are required.

The Touch IoT course shares the latest innovation in IoT and provides participants with the opportunity to engage with the SAP Leonardo system.

Photo credit: Flickr | UNAMID