Prolog Distribution

Prolog Distribution creates a seamless service from the procurement of goods and services from the supplier to the customer and the supply of these to the end-user that is fast, efficient and cost effective.  We offer Procurement expertise that is able to procure products, services, and for projects required by our clients competitively.

We will seek to use technology as an enabler and emphasise on sustainability issues as a differentiation point.

In the markets we operate sustainability is coming to the fore. It is also beginning to make business sense. As Prolog we will be early adopters of sustainability as a way of doing business. We will deliberately seek to partner with suppliers of a similar mind.

Prolog leverages on an extensive geographic and political knowledge of our chosen markets. Supplying Sub-Saharan African supply chains are challenging. Most supply-chain problems requires dedication, a little patience,and ingenuity.We provide a reliable  logistical linkages to deliver goods and services in Africa through a trusted network by road, air, rail or sea. 

The  organization is divided into two business units;

Prolog Distribution: The distribution arm of the business of a broad range of products   into the FMCG, consumer and Hospitality industries.

Prolog Projects: The services arm of the business servicing the Facilities Management, Retail Development and Construction sectors.

 We supply products and services that are eventually consumed by the African middle class through FMCG retail and wholesale chains as well as hotels.   

Our Project Management and Facilities services are geared towards the construction, Hospitality and real estate development sectors.



We are a distribution and services company, in the Hospitality, Consumer and FMCG markets. We source, imports warehouse and distribute competitively and sustainably, products and services worldwide. Our distribution footprint is across the African continent. We will seek to use technology as an enabler and emphasize on sustainability issues as a differentiation point.