QPM Presu-Colab


The regular path is to prepare a cost analysis, generate materials, equipment and labor requirements based on the analysis and then ask to your suppliers for estimates. Usually you have 2 or 3 suppliers so that’s all you can get. After receiving that estimate, you update your proposal and finally can send it to your customer.

As you can suppose, the result of this daily basis activity is a narrow variety of sources, higher usage of human resource, and longer time to finish our tasks.



Market offers to constructors, tools to create cost analysis starting from pre-loaded proposals, you can get materials and equipment reports used to look for estimates, but still don´t have direct access to suppliers at the moment you´re working in a proposal. You can find as well, suppliers with web sites where offer estimating service.



Presu-Colab offers a different path to accomplish our goals in proposal formulation. We developed a friendly interface that allows users to create cost analysis either from scratch or from our pre-loaded proposals. So far we´re at the same level as the other market alternatives. In addition to this we are including in our service a direct contact with local suppliers who previously loaded their price list to our platform. Presu-Colab shows to users what suppliers offer the products they need for the proposal in construction, as well as feedback from other users about quality, deliver time, service, warranty…

You can ask form additional discount, compare prices from a wide number of suppliers and finally set the transaction through the platform. Of course, the final estimate will be immediately updating your costumer proposal.

Now users have direct contact with many more suppliers than what they used to, can review opinion from other users and generate their own feedback about the service provided by suppliers.

For next phase of this project, Presu-Colab will allow to do construction management through the development of the construction projects.



This project is being developed by me and my associate who is a Software engineer with more than 10 years of experience. His company has created management software for several companies in the city of Cali and is currently working in two projects related to banking security.


What we need

We´re looking for resources that will be used to improve the capacity of the database for the accurate working of the platform, as well as for the creation of a market strategy that allows us to reach the largest possible number of suppliers on the platform.



QPM Presu-Colab is a tool that allows to connect construction professionals and local suppliers during budget formulation, generating real-time trading opportunities



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