The Vision of Conference is an annual conference to showcase the latest information, Technology and practices relevant to the education. The conference will bring together youth and students for an engaging and interactive day focusing on the future of education Technology in Egypt. 
The Conference is a collaborative, community initiative involving students, educators, and organizations at all levels. It is designed to significantly increase opportunities for building education Process while supporting cultural awareness, diversity and educational access for all. The conference seeks to present ideas .
-    Network with other educational experts and technologists from universities, companies, private and public educational institutions and research centers.
-    Educational technology knowledge transfer, by presenting and discussing innovative learning strategies, tools and contexts.
-    Studying the best international experience and models in the field is based on education.
-    Collecting information about studying abroad and Scholarships Opportunities 
-    Meet with stakeholders of education and other universities to discuss programs in the same place
-    Encouraging creativity in the areas of digital learning and exchanging knowledge
-    Benefiting from the experiences of different international universities in this area.
-    - Skills development Workshops and training sessions for students 
-    - Presenting and discussing innovative learning strategies, tools and contexts.
-    - Discussing recent trends in the field of Educational technology.
-    - - Maintain existing contacts and promotional networks
-    - Promote your brand within the education industry
-    - Learn about industry news and current market trends
-    - Meet top educational agencies  in one place - save time and money
-    - Benefit from two days of targeted meetings and social events



EDUGATE. is a platform that aims to raise people's awareness of using technology in developing education. Through our different models, the First Educational Conference focuses on a broad of students and Youth aged16 – 22 years in Alexandria. A keen media strategy targets students from Alexandria, Mansoura, Tanta, Damanhur It also aims to increase the number of the conference's visitors up to more than 700 students and young people per two days The Conference will take place within two days( Saturday14/4 2018 & Sunday 15/4/2018 ) in conferences hall at arts complex. Our activities are free for all students and attendees. The event is to help students in different ways by introducing them to some different universities and educational institutions, answering their inquiries and questions, and giving them the chance to compare between the different programs in order to choose the best one that suits their future. The participants will allow students to attend the Conference to be introduced to the different options and offers presented in the conference and to discuss the best programs and educational, learning, training systems. EDUGATE some of the accepted proposals can address the following questions: How do students change? How have our learners changed? How can our understanding of education affect the future? How have materials and tools changed, and how have those changes transformed the experience of students? How has the educational landscape in Egypt transformed recently? What changes are coming next?