We created a platform which is the motivator for people who want an active and healthy life, it gives motivation to people to walk or run more. SiApp will be the platform which will connect companies with their direct segments and be the new place for advertising and marketing, For the people, it will be motivation for starting walking or running because they will get various benefits such as discounts or full free products or services. In the near future, we have a plan to add some stuff in the application which makes feel users more comfortable during the use of SiApp, such as listening to music or reading books. Also in our future plan is SiApp in the smartwatches. With this, it will be more comfortable for our users during the exercises, running, and etc. 



SiApp is a mobile application which counts your steps and converts into the coins. With collected coins, you can get various products and services in our Market which will be in the application.



Healthcare / Medical