Solar Aqua and Light

There are more than 1.2 billion people that do not have access to potable water and the same amout also do not have access to electricity and climate change is one of the biggest problems that humanity is facing. We design solutions to solve this huge problems.

We are a company based on research and development of renewable technologies. We started 5 years ago making research on how to obtain water from air. This system is also working and after that we kept looking for more solutions that can provide safe water for rural communities, solar illumination, better solar panels and more. Now we have 4 solutions in water that are an atmospheric water generator, a solar water purificator, a rain water collector and a IoT system that messure water level. Our system can also change CO2 into methane CH4 or even CO with solar energy. We are looking to sell our solutions not only in Mexico but in other countries around the world.



We are a company that makes R&D for water solutions, solar energy and aerospace. We have rain water collectors, solar water purifiries, water from air generators and solar panels illumination. The solutions are meant to be sold in rural areas but they can be applied also in cities and big industries where the water and energy is needed.



Sanitation / Water