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We are professional manufacturer of load cells, weighing indicators, and other weighing accessories. Products include:kinds of load cells and force sensor: load pin, torque sensor, canister load cell...

Ranpo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

Ranpo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2009, is a professional manufacturer and exporter who dedicates to research, manufacture and sales of LED lighting application products. Our factory...


Located 25km from Chernihiv and 120km to Kyiv. The enterprise has the following production areas: 1200m2 (5m height) arch type. 800m2 (12m height) – under reconstruction. The structures are...

"Procesor" servis

"Procesor" servis se zalaže za smanjenje nezaposlenosti u BiH kroz promociju unaprijeđenja boljih uslova za razvoj poduzetnički orijentisane ekonomije. Pored direktnog rada i saradnje sa...

01 Inventions

01 Inventions Ltd is technology company who built CARSEER, the first comprehensive vehicle history report in MENA.

4 Directions Media

4 Directions Media is more than just an ordinary digital marketing agency. We obsess about growing your business.

5 Star Stoves

We provide clean energy to the energy poor, serviced by our vertically integrated bio energy value chain.

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Abamilki Integrated Waste Management and Greenary solution

Abamilki modern waste management and greenery enterprise is founded in 2014 in Ethiopia ,a city called Jimma with an objective of creating public awarness on urban waste management and engage in...


The 1st truly 2-way relationship loyalty solution for SME merchants in SEA is the foremost platform for worldwide wholesale trade catering suppliers in UAE and thousands of buyers around the globe. Through, Emirati businesses can send their products to...


Arab Business and Technology Innovation Center (ABTIC) is business Incubator/Accelerator.