SwineTech, Inc.

SwineTech’s vision is to be the leader in the development of technologies that improve welfare, productivity, and sustainability for every pork producer in the world. According to pork industry benchmarking statistics, approximately 270 million pigs are not marketed due to being stillborn or accidentally crushed. This is a growing problem and accounts for the waste of more than 55 billion pounds of pork. SwineTech's product, SmartGuard, serves as a revolutionary tool for pork producers. For the first time ever, a caregiver can understand the needs of hundreds of mother sows and her piglets at the touch of a button. SmartGuard utilizes machine learning to automate timely processes and prevents the deaths of millions of piglets due to being stillborn or crushed, while simultaneously tracking real-time health and behavior. The pork industry is in a dire need for technologies that increase labor efficiency and pig survivability, as well as provide key management insights to better drive business decision making.



SwineTech is an animal health company focused on reducing pig mortalities on sow farms, while also leveraging meaningful data to drive more effective and efficient management practices.