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Counterfeiting is a serious threat to health, life & business in life-critical sectors such as pharmaceuticals, personal care or automobile sector, and agro-products. Companies can lose brand value, sales and enterprise value due to counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting covered in media:

Why 'Make in India' when you 'Fake in India'


A quarter of products in market are fake, cost industry Rs 1 lakh crore

Market size:

• Global counterfeiting market: $1.7 Trillion (Source: ICC)

• Indian counterfeiting market: $25 Billion (Source: FICCI)

• The anti-counterfeit packaging market size is projected to grow from $105 Billion in 2017 to reach $154 Billion by 2020, at an estimated CAGR of 13.41%. (Source: ICC)

Existing solutions:

Many companies offer QR code like brand protection solutions but as such tags can be easily replicated by counterfeiters. A few companies offer non-reproducible tags but usage of these tags requires a special reader. The need to acquire special readers, causes logistics and operational issues for the Indian consumer, especially in the Tier 2 & 3 cities as well as in the vast rural consumer base.

Two companies - Zortag and Alp vision – offer strong security solutions but cost US$0.50 per piece (roughly INR32 per piece). They also require a onetime installation cost of more than INR 50 Lacs. Apart from this technology investment, their solution requires real time data connectivity and which may not feasible in developing nations, such as India.

Transpacks has developed a very affordable technology solution costing a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions, which can be used in offline mode by any consumer. End consumer can download a 15MB and authenticate products within 4 seconds. The simplicity of the solution will allow the general consumer in semi-urban or rural consumer will be able to use the solution to authenticate products before purchase. Online variant, even doesn't require the app to get verify the authenticity of the product. 

Enterprise customers can use the Transpacks solution to

  • Maintain tight control over their supply chain & prevent fake goods from entering their supply chain
  • Provide inventory visibility
  • Provide Business analytics & develop ML/AI solutions
  • Own end customer relationships



We have developed the first copy-proof anti-counterfeiting technology which directly empowers end consumers to verify the product with a 5MP or higher mobile camera, without requiring network connection on any kind. Additionally, brands get to interact with their real customers through our platform. This is one of the strongest propositions for brand marketing. Brands will get their hands on real customer data and can plan products, promotions, and marketing strategy accordingly. Essentially, we are a deep technology start-up in a domain of brand security, awarded as the most promising startup by India Electronics and Semiconductor Association. We see ourselves as IP driven company whose primary role in the ecosystem is to develop IP and therefore, we partnered with ITC and Holostik for production of our proprietary copy-proof tags.



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