Unlike a dictionary translator of words, the UniFrases is a Universal Translator of Phrases. Each Sentence and their respective translations for the other languages ​​are registered in the system in advance, so that the meaning of these sentences is as close as possible to your actual translations, which are not word-for-word, like other translators on the market. In addition to having the translation of the sentences, UniFrases assigns an email service with the translated phrase, that is, you choose the phrase in your language and select the language to be translated and send the translated phrase, the The converse procedure happens to your caller as well, thus bringing effectiveness in the dialogues of our system users, as well as opening up new possibilities for communication applications, including people with special needs. Please note in particular the Meta-Languages ​​LIBRATOS AND LIBROR. IMPORTANT: We know that there are errors and errors in the translations, so we sincerely apologize, however, we are working very hard, to improve the results offered more and more, to our users. This system will be automated as soon as possible!



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