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Vietnamese Angel Investors Learning How to Invest in STEM Startups

April 09, 2019


Angel investors in Vietnam are learning how to use their capital to support science and technology startups innovating in Vietnam. Learning the necessary skills to invest in STEM is part of an year-long training by the GIST Initiative to support startup ecosystems in emerging economies.

GIST Investors Vietnam launched in late March with a three-city tour that focused on supporting Vietnam’s rapidly growing startup ecosystem. The training brought industry experts form the United States to work with investors in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. The result will be a network of angel investors who are better equipped to finance innovations in STEM.

“I want to meet great investors and listen to their advice and philosophy tests of investing in startups,” said Ling, a local entrepreneur. “We need more education on the steps, the guidelines, the framework that [investors use].”

“The GIST Investors program was incredible valuable to come to Vietnam at this time,” said Aaron Everheart from Hacth! Ventures. “The Vietnam market is very hot right now and everybody is eager to learn, very interested in international best practices, and making connection with people around the world.”

At each program in the series, investors learned the fundamentals of angel investing, conducting due diligence, managing portfolios, and negotiating term sheets and valuations with Vietnamese investors.

Participating organizations included the SWISS Entrepreneurship Program and Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator, highlighting the commitment of stakeholders in the ecosystem to grow the angel investor network.

GIST investors Vietnam will continue working with angel investors over the next year. At the end of the program, investors will receive a certification for completing the course and have the skills necessary to teach other investors who to support STEM startups.


To learn more about the GIST Investors Vietnam program click here.