WTC Business Solutions

Making innovative product through wastes and IOTs are our primary focus. Students learn engineering by converting waste to another innovating inventions, using IOTs, such invention is given a seemless control. Enrolled students are taught processes of innovation and how to make similar or a completely new innovation by using waste or already condemned materials as found in their community. What this means is that students can make their own drone, mini fridge, popcorn machine to name a few by using plastics, Styrofoam, rubber,tin container etc. Others will learn how to make 3D animated movies at no extra cost, build mobile apps and games to name a few. All courses are STEM integrated. Classes are both online and traditional. The expected end result is to have students who will create innovative products that solves major local challenges and in the end monetize the products.



Our Business idea is centered around providing professional/vocational education that focuses on youth/teen empowerment and mentorship initiatives to ignite a zeal for creativity, leadership and development in Africa using ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education