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Program Description

Over the last several years, digital marketing has played an increasingly bigger role in the growth of a startup. Through digital marketing, startup are now able to reach their intended markets efficiently and directly. Marketing tools include search engine optimization, paid advertising, and utilizing graphics and videos to reach target audiences.

To maximize their impact, a startup needs to develop a digital marketing strategy that focuses their resources on the marketing tools that best fit their needs. But with so many tools available, how do you determine which ones will help your startup the most?

Join our digital marketing experts on the next GIST TechConnect, as they discuss the difference digital marketing strategies available to entrepreneurs and how startups can pick the right ones to maximize growth.

You can join the TechConnect online and send your questions using the chatbox next to the live stream. You can also submit your questions on Twitter using #GISTTechConnect.


Why Participate

- Listen to a panel of experienced digital marketing experts explain what tools and how they can be utilized by startups

- Ask questions about developing a strong digital marketing strategy

- Learn which tools are best for your startup and will maximize your growth