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GIST Investors Malaysia

About GIST Investors Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is quickly becoming a Financial Tech powerhouse in Southeast Asia. Ranked the 31st most powerful city by the Global Power City Index, the Malaysian capital is proving itself an attractive and affordable location for entrepreneurs to setup shop. However, more can be done to create better investment opportunities for the startup ecosystem.

The U.S. Department of State Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative, along with implementation partner VentureWell and local partner SizzleScience, are providing continuous support for the Malaysian startup ecosystem by launching a second GIST Investors Mobilization Training Program (GIST Investors) in April 2019. This in-person training will be held in Kuala Lumpur and is another part of the GIST continuing commitment to supporting the Malaysian investor ecosystem.

The training will bring leading global investors to train Malaysian investors on deal sourcing, conducting due diligence, and negotiating term sheets and valuations. The program will equip Malaysian investors with a sound knowledge base so they can continue to support the thriving Malaysian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In addition to the in-person training, GIST Investors will be hosting two optional informational webinars for participants leading up to the April program. Presented in February and in March, these webinars will cover high-level topics such as the fundamentals of angel investing, deal sourcing, and due diligence. (Final agendas TBD)

If you represent a formal investor network, a venture capital firm, or an investment fund and are interested in participating in GIST Investors in Malaysia, contact Eli Velasquez.


About SizzleScience

SIZZLESCIENCE is a technology commercialization consulting company comprised of entrepreneurs and investors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  SIZZLESCIENCE works with scientists and researchers from universities and research labs, as well as founders of early and growth stage companies, to discover and validate repeatable and scalable opportunities in Malaysia and South East Asia by designing investment-ready business models and building customers, partners, and investors in a highly accelerated space.

SIZZLESCIENCE recently partnered with Angels in Science, an angel group in Kuala Lumpur to jointly invest in technologies from universities and research labs are positively impacting global health.

To learn more about SIZZLESCIENCE and Angels in Science, contact Murali Prasad Y. Vandayar at [email protected]

Technology Park Malaysia also assists in putting this program together for investors in Malaysia.


Photo Credit: Cheryl | Flickr