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GIST Investors Malaysia

About GIST Investors: Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is quickly becoming a Financial Tech powerhouse in Southeast Asia. Ranked the 31st most powerful city by the Global Power City Index, the Malaysian capital is proving itself an attractive and affordable location for entrepreneurs to setup shop. However, more can be done to create better investment opportunities for the startup ecosystem.

The GIST Initiative is partnering with Technology Park Malaysia to launch GIST Investors: Malaysia. Technology Park Malaysia has a proven track record of helping more than 3,000 businesses start and grow. Now it will work with GIST to strengthen the local investor network, by providing in-country training and support.

If you represent a formal investor network, venture capital firm or investment fund and are interested participating in the GIST Investors program in Malaysia, contact Eli Velasquez at [email protected].

About Technology Park Malaysia

Since its establishment in 1996, Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd (TPM) has continued to manifest in its underlying motto "Your Success Begins Here" that has reached the length, depth and breadth of the technopreneurial community.

More than 3,000 technology driven companies have benefited from TPM - both local and multi-national within various clusters of industry. ICT cluster has recorded the highest tenancy within TPM followed by Engineering and Biotech, Telecommunication and Content, and Support Services.

Focused on the objective of creating this conducive environment for innovation, TPM will transform itself with a five prong strategy which involves the maximizing of its land assets, enhancing its commercialization and support services, increasing the efficacy of its advanced infrastructure and networking capabilities, elevating its 4th generation technology incubation programmes and developing start-up friendly policies to generate a proliferation of technology based quality start-up companies with global potential.

To learn more about TPM, click here.


Photo Credit: Cheryl | Flickr