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GIST Investors Mexico

Discover How to Increase Liquidity in Your Portfolio

GIST Investors Mexico is hosting an Online Training about Structured Exits on March 13 to help angel investors in Mexico learn how to build these into their portfolios. The online training features two investment experts from venture capital organizations who will guide you through the steps of structuring an exit. Angel investors who participate will end the training with a new understanding on structured exits and a skill set that they can begin applying immediately.


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About GIST Investors Mexico

Over the last several years, Mexico City has positioned itself as a hub for innovation in Latin America. The Mexican Capital boasts a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem that supports an extensive network of incubators and accelerators, entrepreneurs and industry disruptors. The ecosystem also has active, well-funded angel networks and venture capital firms. And the number of angels and VCs is growing.

According to the Financial Times, there were only eight venture capital firms in Mexico in 2008. By 2016, there were over 60 firms. This combination of talent, support and capital is catalyzing Mexico City’s startup ecosystem – making it an attractive place for innovative entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

GIST has been working with Mexican innovators since 2015, through its GIST Startup Training program. The Startup Training program supports young founders through skills building, networking and mentorship.

Now, GIST is taking its support of the Mexican startup ecosystem one step further. On September 20 GIST will be launching GIST Investors Mexico, in partnership with Angel Ventures Mexico (AV). The GIST Investors Mobilization Training, or GIST Investors, helps create sustainable investment networks in emerging startup ecosystems. With implementation partner VentureWell, GIST Investors works with in-country stakeholders to bolster local financial support for science and technology startups.

If you represent a formal investor network, venture capital firm or investment fund, and are interested in participating in the GIST Investors program in Mexico, contact Eli Velasquez.


About Angel Ventures Mexico

Angel Ventures Mexico (AV) started in 2008 with AV Network, which connected angel investors with startups and achieved more than $14 million USD in investments. In 2013, AV created the first multisector co-investment fund in Mexico, investing in 19 startups and Archetype – a high impact incubator with more than 38 companies. This new fund achieved more than $10 million USD in investments. In 2016, AV proudly launched its second investment fund aimed at investing in startups within the Pacific Alliance with a target size of $120 million USD

The Angel Ventures Mexico network is also the largest network of angel investors in Latin America. To learn more about AV, click here.



Photo Credit: Alejandro | Flickr