Meet the Entrepreneurs: GIST Business Incubation Fall 2019

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GIST Business Incubation brings together the best international S&T innovators and American businesses to increase cross-market access, open doors for joint ventures, and gain investor exposure. While in residence in business incubators in U.S. markets, like Detroit, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Colorado Springs, global entrepreneurs have opportunities to make connections with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and build business relationships. American businesses will gain awareness of foreign generated innovation and markets. GIST Business Incubation connects American startup ecosystems and the investment community with the best global innovators to spur economic growth and job creation.

Meet the entrepreneurs from the Fall 2019 GIST Business Incubation program.


Queenny López

Anuka (Ecuador)

Anuka uses endemic microalgae from Ecuador to fix large amounts of CO2 present in the environment in a highly efficient manner—100 times more than one tree.

Syed Abrar Ahmed

AzaadHealth (Pakistan)

AzaadHealth is the first truly patient-centered health data exchange network and patient identification platform powered by blockchain that allows healthcare stakeholders (like payors, providers & patients) to share verifiable health data and identify patients using biometric scans.

Tedeos Pejoski

Blueprint (North Macedonia)

Blueprint shortens the time of building software from months to minutes. By using our simple metalanguage, even non-technical users can create complex web apps instantly.

Baurzhan Shalbayev

Clicklog (Kazakhstan)

Clicklog has developed a solution that makes automatic dimensioning and optimal plans for cargo loading to trucks and containers.

Anton Vashkevich (Belarus) is a cloud-based collaboration software that helps lawyers and business draft, review, and negotiate contracts among various counterparts, making multi-team work with legal documents safer and faster.

Maksim Piriyev

Dronee (Azerbaijan)

Dronee has produced a fully-automated survey drone that can collect data with the push of a button. The product is easy to operate, features a simple user interface, and researchers and developers can easily integrate their third party software into the drone.

Hicham Difallah

El Koffa (Algeria)

El Koffa is an eco-friendly textile made entirely of FilmoPlast, a material derived from plastic bags, with the aim of reducing plastics in the environment.

Vamekh Kherkheulidze

Elven Technologies (Georgia)

Elven Technologies is a high-tech personal protection equipment (PPE) company. Our first product is a technologically-advanced full-body fireproof suit with a cooling system to keep firefighters safe in the line of duty.

Mykhailo Lytovchenko

Energy Absorbing Breakwater (Ukraine)

Energy Absorbing Breakwater has developed technology and equipment for converting wave energy into electricity and desalinating seawater.

Tanzer Abazi

FINDBUG (Albania)

FINDBUG employs ethical hackers to develop crowd penetration testing for 300% more security on digital properties.

Svetlana Jaghatspanyan

Forest Guard (Armenia)

Forest Guard is a smart sensor system that detects and prevents illegal logging, wildfire, and illegal transport access in forests and rest zones.

Aliaksandr Khatsiashou

GMoney (Belarus)

GMoney is a mobile currency converter. A client takes a photo of foreign currency, and GMoney displays the value of the bills in the client’s local currency.

Azamat Ozurbaev

Green Leaf (Kyrgyzstan)

Green Leaf organizes the collection of solid waste in local communities and recycles the plastic, glass, and rubber waste materials, converting them into eco-friendly textiles.

Sadaf Naz

Her Ground (Pakistan)

Her Ground is committed to helping women get the products they need for topics they are usually too uncomfortable to talk about. Her Ground is an online subscription service that delivers feminine hygiene products to users’ doorsteps every month.

Chee Wei Yap

HiGi Energy (Malaysia)

HiGi Energy is a social inclusive technology company digitalizing sustainable products for B2B markets through a social business model. HiGi is building a network of renewable energy providers and aims to bridge them to the consumer market.

Malika Shertay

Hydrogel (Kazakhstan)

Hydrogel is developing a polymeric material for wound dressings that is based on amniotic membrane and autologous platelet-rich plasma. Hydrogel has natural healing properties and does not stick to wounds.

Rituparna Das

Hydrotec Solutions Private Limited (India)

Hydrotec Solutions Private Limited has designed a Smart water ATM Kiosk that purifies and dispenses clean drinking water on pay per use basis, using sustainable energy.

Alyona Glushko

iCardy (Ukraine)

iCardy is developing a product that detects hidden atrial fibrillation in real time without the internet—detecting AFib more quickly than other products, with an accuracy rate greater than 99%.

Diyora Dalimova

LiPatch (Uzbekistan)

LiPatch is a spray patch that forms a protective film on the skin in a few minutes. The patch provides a barrier against bacteria and is time-saving, less expensive, and easier to access than competitive products.

Oksana Kononova

LooqMe (Ukraine)

LooqMe is a B2B SaaS for communications managers to track and measure the outcomes of communication campaigns. It can help customers to identify opportunities, as well as track relevant and important stories for business and industry.

Emir Memisevic

Medobar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Medobar is a product that transforms traditional beehives into smart hives that collect valuable scientific data. This tech solution will help people enter the field of beekeeping, while at the same time, help bees thrive and enrich our ecosystem.

Allan Atuheire

MFEYTI (Uganda)

Mfeyti is a web and mobile AI-powered platform that allows consumers to determine the authenticity of medicine. By ordering genuine drugs and medical products from their phones, they can access authentic, critical pharmaceuticals like antimalarials and HIV drugs.

Marcos Valadares

PluriCell Biotech (Brazil)

PluriCell Biotech is the only company addressing the need for regenerative medicine for patients with heart failure. PluriCell uses regenerative technology (IPSCs), a scalable off-the-shelf solution employing a minimally-invasive delivery system.

Yakau Buta

StringersHub (Belarus)

StringersHub is a marketplace that connects stringers—freelance videographers and eyewitnesses—and media outlets, globally. Top media outlets can purchase “hot” material from these stringers.

Elmar Asgarzade

ThermoNorth (Azerbaijan)

ThermoNorth has developed an advanced chemical heat storage material that keeps car engines warm for an extended period of time in cold weather conditions. This material prevents engine clogging, decreases fuel consumption, increases engine performance, and decreases fume emissions.

Vakhtang Iashvili

TTM (Georgia)

TTM has created a “Dynamic Speed Limiter” (DSL) device that automatically limits vehicles’ speeds according to the posted speed limit. Land and public transport companies, and taxi and corporate vehicle fleets can employ the DSL to provide a high standard of safety to their customers, avoid fines, optimize fuel use, and reduce unforseen material damage.

Gulnar Absalamova

WASCO (Azerbaijan)

WASCO is a Smart Waste Collection System based on IoT technology that provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people.

Olzhas Satiyev

WebTotem (Kazakhstan)

WebTotem is a SaaS that provides powerful tools for securing and monitoring websites. This firewall combines blacklist monitoring and antivirus screening to comprise an enhanced all-in-one, easy-to-use, and affordable security solution.

















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