Global Innovation through Science and Technology

GIST empowers science and technology innovators in over 130 emerging economies through trainings, pitch competitions, workshops, and networking. Through partnerships with the private sector, and more than 100 events, GIST has awarded over $1.5 million in startup resources. We build the capacity and resilience of both individual startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystems that support them.



$1.5 Million

Funding Awarded
Since 2011





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By combining its online platform with on-the-ground partners, GIST creates education and training opportunities for young innovators in more than 130 countries around the world by providing access to U.S. experts and through in-country entrepreneurship networks and support systems.


GIST partners with in-country stakeholders in entrepreneurial ecosystems to bolster local financial support for startups. GIST is able to bring American investment experts to different regions around the world and provides an opportunity for in-country investors to learn how to create and sustain investor networks for entrepreneurs.

Ecosystem Builders

Ecosystem Builders aim to bolster networking and entrepreneurial skills to build durable, long-term, supportive networks. The ultimate goal is to stimulate local entrepreneurial activity and ensure participants can grow their skills and scale their businesses together – both in their home country and through the GIST Network’s global connections.

Private Partners

Since 2011, GIST has partnered with the private sector to train thousands of innovators at more than 100 events and has awarded more than $1.5 million in startup resources. GIST catalyzes startup solutions that address economic and developmental challenges through networking, skills building, mentoring, and access to financing. GIST has provided training for over 15,000 startups who have gone on to generate over $250 million in revenue. This is done through competitions, startup trainings, and interactive online programs, implemented by VentureWell and Arizona State University. If you would like to explore partnership opportunities please contact us.

More than anything else our task is to put forth and carry out
a compelling vision for how to use technology in a way that
serves our people, protects our interests, and
upholds democracy.
Antony J. Blinken
Secretory of State
Now more than ever, we need a global call to action
to increase access to capital for early-stage science
and technology ventures that are solving the
world’s biggest problems.
Patrick Gouhin
President, Angel Capital Association
For the US, [GIST] provides an opportunity for market access, foreign investment,
and joint ventures that allow companies to partner and expand to global markets.
As an investor, tax payer and entrepreneur, GIST is a great medium to grow
businesses, increase market opportunity for US and international businesses
and share best practices amongst entrepreneurs.
Melissa Bradley
Founder, 1863 Ventures
If you get out more globally, more broadly across a range of industries
and expertise, that's what sparks your own ideas and gives you
the opportunity to bring those things back and really
create significant change.
Cathy Reid
Founder, Epic Pharmacies Group
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting young entrepreneurs from all corners
of the globe, and the raw energy and creativity coming out of GIST was
terrific. When we unleash entrepreneurial minds to explore and seize
the world’s opportunities, magic can happen.
Eric Barton
Co-Founder, Zillow

We couldn’t accomplish any of this without the help of our incredible partners.

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