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Historically, Egypt has been at the crossroads of cultures, trade, and innovation. This unique status has continued into the digital age, with young innovators and entrepreneurs creating new technologies and leveraging innovations to build leading startups. Egyptian investors are taking note and to date in 2018 funding of science and technology startups has grown by 21.4%, compared to all of 2017.

Recognizing this trend and its positive effect in promoting economic security and stability, the U.S. Department of State Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative, along with implementation partner VentureWell and local partner Alexandria Angels, provided holistic support for the Egyptian startup ecosystem by launching a GIST Investors Mobilization Training Program (GIST Investors).

This program equipped Egyptian investors with a sound knowledge base so they could continue to support the thriving Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem. This GIST Investors program included a unique opportunity to engage with young science and technology entrepreneurs from across Egypt who attended a four-day GIST Startup Training program, also in Alexandria.


About Alexandria Angels

Alexandria Angels is an angel network that invests in promising, early-stage companies with strong management teams, in and outside of Alexandria, Egypt. Launched in 2016, Alexandria Angels brings together an extraordinary group of business and technology leaders for the benefit of local entrepreneurs and the wellbeing of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Not only do they aim to create compelling business opportunities in large markets, they also help entrepreneurs gain access to the right people and resources to grow their business, their way.

Alexandria Angels assists investors in expanding their network with like-minded individuals, educating members to make the right investment decisions, offer diversification, and support early stage start-ups.

To learn more about Alexandria Angels, click here.

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