GIST TechConnect: How Startup Investment Works

Program Description

A critical challenge faced by science and technology startups across the globe is how to secure funding to sustain and scale their ventures. Throughout the life cycle of a science or technology startup, entrepreneurs will need different types of funding from different types of investors.

Whether a founder is just getting started and needs angel investment, or is preparing to raise their Series B from growth investors – it’s important that a founder understands the differences in investment types. Understanding these differences is critical in successfully raising money and achieving sustainable growth.

To participate in this GIST TechConnect, you can watch the live stream on this webpage and submit your questions using the chatbox next to the live stream. You can also submit your questions on Twitter or Facebook using #GISTTechConnect.

This program will be in English with closed captioning, and will also include Spanish and French interpretation.


Why Participate

- Listen to a panel of experienced investors explain the different types of investments startups need

- Ask questions about investment types and strategies

- Learn how to put together an successful investment strategy for your own startup


Meet the Panelists

Clare Fairfield – Moderator

Chairman of Venture Capital Institute

Clare has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, including developing and operating venture funds, founding and operating companies and driving innovation ecosystem development programs in the United States and globally.


Elizabeth Gore

President of Alice a free AI-driven website that helps business owners find the right path to start and grow their companies. Prior to Alice, Elizabeth was Dell Technologies’ Entrepreneur-in-Residence and previously served as the first-ever Entrepreneurs in Residence for the United Nations Foundation.


Rosemary French

Senior program manager for product development at the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

Rosemary has spent the past decade driving early-stage biotechnologies closer to market. Her expertise spans the startup, university and grant agency worlds – with particular emphasis on pharmaceutical drug development.

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