Nowadays, one of the restaurant staff should go to the market and buy the products to the restaurant so that restaurant business and other catering businesses can buy agricultural products that are needed to prepare smaller products. and during this period the buyer will need to buy sellers at different prices and different types of products every time. This in turn creates problems for the service provider. Moreover, this project does not need to pay wages for workers in the restaurant, café, lounge, and food business. 

The Project Agrota'minot is primarily a close assistant to entrepreneurs dealing with businesses, cafes, teahouses, and so on, the project is a special electronic program that will be available to the client restaurant. The restaurant staff will order an appropriate agricultural product for the relevant day. Because the software is online, the order will appear on the Agrotaminot firmware and the firm will deliver the required agricultural products to the customer at the said timeframe





Startup Stage


Number of Employees

5 to 10

Year Founded


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