E-Adrasha is a platform that provides local data to users. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia people rely on location information by calling people or asking people on the road to find their destination or other location information. E-Adrasha is created to address this problem by giving users the ability to search and find any information they want to know in Addis Ababa. We in E-Adrasha collect over 300 categories in Addis Ababa and catalog in a database it so people can search for anything they want. We would like to say Never get lost, or rely on landmarks and word-of-mouth. We are trying to give people the ability to go from door-to-door using our application directions for residential, commercial, and governmental locations.

What makes E-Adrasha application different from likes of Google maps, we have address data Google maps does not have. We also have up too date road information because we are actively looking for road that change and make updates as the road condition change. Google Maps rely on local people making updates and since they don't have active employee working in the country.




Information Technology and Communication

Startup Stage


Number of Employees

5 to 10

Year Founded


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