Firefighting Tech Startup Wins Top Prize in GIST Startup Training

Firefighting Tech Startup Wins Top Prize in GIST Startup Training

April 24, 2019


A technology startup that helps firefighters stay safe during a fire is taking home the top prize at the GIST Regional Startup Training Caucasus.

The Georgia-based startup was one of several startups that spent four days learning how to operate and scale their businesses. Now with the winnings, they will be able to take their startup to the next level.

Elven Technologies was awarded $3,000 in seed capital for its first place win. Team members Vamekh Kherkheulidze and Lado Tsibakhashvili are building a high-tech protective bodysuit for fire fighters. The hope is that the technology will keep firefighters safe while helping them better fight fires.

ThermoNorth from Azerbaijan won second place at the GIST Regional Startup Training. ThermoNorth developed a liquid that stores energy and keeps car engines warm in cold weather. The team received $1,500 in seed capital.

Eco Cone from Armenia was recognized with the Spirit of GIST award. This award goes to the startup team that embodies what it means to be a GIST innovator and improved the most during the training. Eco Cone is a food-based startup that will produce pine cone jams and syrups that are both clean and good for the environment.

The GIST Regional Startup Training Caucasus provided science and technology entrepreneurs with the skills they need to further support their leap into entrepreneurship and grow their businesses. To learn these skills, a select group of science and technology entrepreneurs spent four days in intensive training to help improve their business ideas, perfect their pitch, and showcase their innovations during a Demo Day in front of business leaders, policymakers, academics, and chief science advisors and equivalents from around the region.

The U.S. Department of State's Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative is excited to support and train teams of science and technology entrepreneurs from the countries of Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. This program was held in Tbilisi, Georgia with implementation partner VentureWell and in country partner Impact Hub Tbilisi.

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