Fresh and Green

Fresh and Green (F&G) was established in Thailand, the 4th largest fruit producer in Asia, with the aim to combine business innovation with a highly proactive customer focus approach. Fresh and Green (F&G) consists of 3 entrepreneurs with great passion in product innovation and 4 top-notch chemical engineering researchers to develop and introduce an innovative coating technology for fresh-cut fruits, wax coating for whole fruits and bio- degradable plastic bag for fruits and vegetables that is 100% natural without undermining the product performance. Currently, the yearly global fresh produce market size is USD 25 billion, however; up to 16.8% of these fruits are disposed as waste each year, due to their short shelf-life. The majority of the fresh-cut fruit and fresh fruit spoilage is due to a combination of microbial decay, fungal infestation, rapid browning and ripening effects. Thus, in order to tackle this problem, F&G introduces Naturen™, S-WAX and Bio-degradable bag, a patent-pending solution based on our globally-exclusive technology licensing agreement with Chulalongkorn University (Southeast Asia’s leading academic and research institution) to extend the shelf life of all fresh-cut fruits, fresh fruit and vegetables. F&G is ready to become the sole producer of this innovative fruit coating solution, as testing for scaling up production has been successfully completed (S-WAX is under preparing for scaling up and Bio-degradable plastic bag is in the scaling up process). Naturen™, S-WAX and Bio-degradable plastic bag is the most effective shelf-life extending solution, while being 100% natural and safe, offers minimum waste, maximum value to our customers, and is ready to be commercialized. While other fruit coating technologies solve one or a few problems Our products are the only solution that is able to address all problems at once. Additionally, all ingredients in our products are already FDA/GRAS approved, and the process for our products’s FDA approval is underway, likely by July 2019. Our products was developed in the chemical engineering department of leading university in innovation and technology in the South East Asia region, Chulalongkorn University and independent performance testing conducted by Kasetsart University.





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